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rLoop is delivering the vision for the Hyperloop. Now you can be part of the engineering revolution.


For over three years, we've created the world's top Hyperloop technology as a decentralised team. Now we are bringing the Hyperloop onto the Blockchain, allowing individuals to own and be part of the future.


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rLoop is the first engineering organisation on the Blockchain. We are the fearless, the designers, the inventors, the game changers, the reality breakers. Together we have become a team of over 1,300 engineers and specialists from more than 50 countries. United by a desire to be part of world-changing technology. We are the team of tomorrow.

We are the experts from NASA, CERN, Tesla, GE, Honeywell, and dozens of other top technology companies; all on a journey where the impossible becomes possible.

We believe the world’s biggest problems are the biggest opportunities
— Brent Lessard, Project Manager, Canada


The Hyperloop is a new way to connect, it’s as convenient as a train and faster than a plane.

The Hyperloop is the future of transportation. Imagine a world where there are no weather disturbances, no check in, no flight delays and no traffic jams or long commutes.

Technologically all of this is possible.
The future is here - the race is on.


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Ethically as well as practically, the Blockchain allows everyone to invest and be part of the future. The Hyperloop owned by the people is the purest manifestation of our beliefs, values and capabilities.

rLoop is delivering the Hyperloop. It’s now time for rLoop to grow and be owned by the people. By bringing the Hyperloop onto the Blockchain you have a chance to be part of it.


rLoop Token

The rToken is the currency to power our network of minds and deliver our projects. The first project is in delivering the future of transportation, the Hyperloop.

We believe that for radical innovations to be truly radical, they must be decoupled from profit motives
— Ilyas Vali, Assistant Project Manager, UK

rNetwork of Minds

There are two primary innovations that rLoop provides; the approach to developing a project, and the processes to facilitate network collaboration. This is what we call the rLoop Network – rNetwork

By freeing society from the bottle neck that has hampered technological advancement it enables people to collaborate and provide service wherever they are on the globe. Together, operating under the rLoop values they will develop innovative technology that can have a global impact.

The ROI comes from selling the project outputs to governments and education; as well as positively contributing to a better world. 




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In June 2015 Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX announced a competition for engineering teams to design a pod for the Hyperloop and have it tested on a track at SpaceX.



Within hours of the competition announcement a post on Reddit encouraged the community to form a team to compete. The team began to grow as strangers came together with a shared vision to make the dream a reality. In an experiment of open collaboration the world’s first crowdsourced engineering team was born: rLoop. The team grew organically through social media. Meeting daily using online tools like Slack and Google Hangouts. Visions and concepts thrived in a non-hierarchical structure, while a lack of organisational obstacles enabled rapid progress. 




For three years, we’ve created the world’s top Hyperloop technology as a decentralised team.

Our journey so far...


Award winners:

• "Best Non-Student Hyperloop Design” from Elon Musk, SpaceX at the World’s First Hyperloop Design Competition
• "Best Hyperloop Design, Drama, and Excitement: Best Architectural Design and Presentation” from BuildEarthLive, Asite, and the Dubai Future Foundation
• “Next Big Thing” from Basware and IndieGoGo
• “Innovation Award” from SpaceX at the World’s First Hyperloop Pod Competition

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When millions of people’s untapped talent has a place to go, the results are incredible. rLoop plans to harness the crowd to change the world.
— Thomas Lambot, Engineering Lead, Belguim/USA


rLoop is not only delivering a new way to travel, we are demonstrating a new way to work.

rLoop has shown that there is a better way of doing business, of collaborating and providing services. It offers vital lessons in how we can shape the future. How we can contribute to our global society and its destiny together. United and sharing power for common purpose.

rLoop has shown that there is a vast untapped workforce of talented and diverse people who are eager to participate in developing innovative technology that can have global impact.

We believe there is a better way for people to work together, where an individual can invest their time on projects that ignite their passion unimpeded by organisational barriers
— Mohd Amir Hasan Khan, Numerical Simulation Lead, India



We believe that our vision, values and principles can create the momentum to drive radical change to realise the future of transportation and connect the world as never before.

With thanks to our trusted partners who have supported our journey and are united by the desire to be part of a world changing technology.




rLoop is a global movement with the ambition and appetite to change the world. We are united by a shared goal of radical technological breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity.

Our success to date has been driven from the experiences, ideas and passion of our members who have over the last few years put their time and effort into our journey. This journey has received extensive media interest.

Be part of the future now!

rLoop is no cliché. The future is coming and it’s going to be radical. Now is the time to join... yours is the choice to make.