Future of work

rLoop attracted the greatest of minds from all around the world to create a prototype for the future of transportation.

By doing this we realised the power of the processes we created.

We believe we now have the perfect model for developing and executing moonshot projects from concept through to launch.



Imagine a world where you can travel from Los Angeles to San Fransisco in 30 minutes, or from London to Manchester in 15 minutes. Suddenly you could live anywhere, work anywhere, and visit anywhere.

Hyperloop is a conceptual, high-speed transportation system initially proposed by Elon Musk. The concept consists of passenger and cargo pods being propelled at up to 760 mph in a low pressure tube using sustainable and cost-efficient energy. To accelerate its development, SpaceX is hosted a competition for engineering teams to design their own hyperloop pods and test them at their facility in Hawthorne, California.



Sponsored by Boeing, We’re making that dream a reality.

Our goal is to make human flight a reality by building the world’s first personal flying device for anyone, anywhere. Over the next two years, the rLoop team will compete to creating revolutionary technology and accessing the top minds in aerospace.


rSmart Global  Factory's of the future

Imagine a factory, but smarter. Without specific tooling, it is as flexible as it is fast. Next-day delivery of high-quality, tailor-made products. Changes can be easily made to the product, the process, or the routing. From last-minute engineering changes to re-routing because of interruptions, and re-adjustment of the process to improve quality and produce first-time-right products.

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rSustainable Power Generation and Mining

Power generation by solar, wind and hydro will operate at the core of the rLoop Smart Grid on the blockchain providing the computer power for mining and smart power distribution directly to the end user.