WIRED - Episode 1
The Future is Here

Meet the rLoop Team as they set up at TE Connectivity's Silicon Valley facility to prepare for the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition. As the only non-University team in the competition, the various team members will share the unique story of the team's formation. Now is the time to bring the virtual pod design to life!


WIRED  - Episode 2
It's Going to Be Worth It

As rLoop's virtual and physical worlds come together, the team is met with various challenges - all while trying to build something that's never technologically been done before. Will they meet their scheduled test date or risk missing out on a critical checkpoint? 


WIRED - Episode 3
 A Matter of Seconds

The team is exhausted, excited and nervous for the testing session. Will the team's work up to this point be satisfactory in the eyes of SpaceX's engineers? 


WIRED - Episode 4
We're Still Here

Up against the holidays and January competition, the team needs all the help it can get. The question remains - will the pod work in Los Angeles and have they developed the best prototype?


WIRED - Episode 5
Everything is possible

A project that has been worked on for well over a year, a dream that may become a reality - all coming down to one weekend in January.


Autodesk Fusion 360

rLoop assembled the world's first crowdsourced engineering team to compete in the Space X Hyperloop Pod competition. With nearly 1,200 members from more than 50 countries, rLoop's unique magnetic levitation system makes them among the most interesting teams competing.



rLoop is building the future of transportation: the Hyperloop. Learn how they use Slack to tackle this massive challenge as a team.


Autodesk University

How do you tackle transportation challenges? The team at rLoop has the answer: a levitating pod changing the way we travel. #AU2017


How it works

Discover how the rLoop team engineered their rPod for the Hyperloop competition.


First Hyperloop Static Hover Test

In August at an unassuming facility near LA, the rLoop Hyperloop Prototype Pod weighing over 360kg magnetically hovers in place and independent of a Hyperloop Tube for the first time.


Engineering the Future of Travel

Sensors, connectors and engineers from TE Connectivity are helping the rLoop team propel transportation forward at 700 miles per hour! Watch as the team and TE collaborate to help create an Awesome Tomorrow.


The Hyperloop Pod has real Hover Engines

Thanks to TE Connectivity for sponsoring this video!



rLoop crowdfunding video which helped us raise enough funds to build our prototype for the competition


This is Innovation

The future is now. From space exploration and AI, to autonomous cars and a new mode of supersonic ground transport, the hyperloop. Innovation is for everyone.