How do you go from concept to prototype rapidly, efficiently, and economically?

It's one challenge to develop a design within a virtual team - actually building it is an entirely new challenge.

When you have a globally dispersed team of innovators with limited access to machinery, how do we enable them to build their ideas?


The answer to this is rBridge: the bridge between digital design and physical product - the bridge between engineers and makers.

rBridge is the link between engineers and makers on the rLoop Network, enabling the conversion from design to prototype.
— Saskia Peters, rBridge Lead, Netherlands

rLoop aims to accelerate innovation through utilising the power of the crowd via decentralised engineering and rapid prototyping. This prototyping will be enabled by rBridge: a world-wide rapid prototyping platform, enabling anyone to make their idea a reality.

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The Bridge between innovators and makers

rBridge connects our virtual engineering team to a global network of skilled talent with access to machinery, so that through collaboration, they can make any idea happen.

The rBridge concept is not just an idea, but already has been proven by rLoop producing an award winning Hyperloop prototype. Now, rBridge will build further on this success by scaling up this network of makers.

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Beyond Connecting

rBridge will start as an online interface with profiling of users and geographically distributed maker centers, design handling and order processing. Upon this basis, rBridge will expand its capabilities using collaboration tools such as AR/VR. Ultimately, rBridge will provide advanced manufacturing processes and extra capacity by extending the network with rLoop owned smart factory locations.



rBridge will accelerate innovation and benefit both innovators and makers by creating a unique collaboration platform. Innovators  have access to a global pool of prototyping and manufacturing capabilities from various industries, enabling cross-industry innovations. Makers will have access to new income streams via rBridge with marginal investments or marketing.


Calling all Makers


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