June, 2015

rLoop founded on Reddit

August, 2015

• rLoop partners with ANSYS
• rLoop partners with Autodesk

Nov, 2015

• Preliminary Design Briefing submitted to SpaceX
• rLoop selected to advance and present designs at Hyperloop Competition Design Weekend

January, 2016

• First rLoop members meet in person - 9 members travel to Texas A&M to present to SpaceX and Tesla judges
• rLoop awarded ‘Best Non-Student Design’ award at World’s First Hyperloop Design Competition
• rLoop selected to advance to manufacture and compete at World’s First Hyperloop Competition

February, 2016

• rLoop builds first hover prototype, demonstrating active magnetic levitation on a ~1/14 scale model

Q2 - Jan-Mar 2019

• Commercial use cases & pod designs tested
• Component manufacturing begins
• Component and subsystem testing begins

April, 2016

• rLoop partners with TE Connectivity
• rLoop partners with Soylent
• rLoop partners with Arx Pax
• rLoop partners with Slack

May, 2016

• rLoop successfully completes crowdfunding goal through Indiegogo
• rLoop begins manufacturing of prototype pod

August, 2016

• rLoop successfully tests autonomous control of hover engines on ~1/14 scale model

Sept, 2016

• rLoop enters Build Earth Live 48 Hour Hyperloop Design Competition sponsored by ASITE and Dubai Futures Foundation
• rLoop selected to present designs in Dubai

Oct, 2016

• rLoop wins “Best Hyperloop Design, Drama, and Excitement” award at Build Earth Live 48 Hour Hyperloop Design Competition

January, 2017

• rLoop brings first prototype, the ‘rPod’, to SpaceX for testing and competition
• Largest in-person rLoop member meet: 65 people from 17 countries
• rLoop wins “Pod Innovation Award” at World’s First Hyperloop Competition

May, 2017

• rLoop showcases rPod at Maker Faire in San Mateo, California, with over 65,000 attendees

August, 2017

• rLoop brings second iteration of prototype, the ‘rPod’, to SpaceX for testing and demonstration at Second Hyperloop Competition
• The rPod is the first Hyperloop prototype to demonstrate static levitation in vacuum chamber at SpaceX
• The rPod is the first Hyperloop prototype to demonstrate pressure vessel capable of sustaining human life, holding 1 bar in vacuum chamber at SpaceX

October, 2017

• Preliminary Hyperloop urban analyses and feasibility studies for:
• Medina to Mecca
• Manchester to Sheffield
• Dubai to Fujairah

October, 2017

• rFlight founded as a project of rLoop

November, 2017

• rLoop publicly demonstrates rPod levitation at Future of Making Things Conference hosted by Autodesk University, Las Vegas. Over 10,000 attendees and more than 30 Hyperloop Levitation demonstrations over 3 days.

November, 2017

• rBridge founded as a project of rLoop

January, 2018

• rLoop Network UX/UI research and design commences
• Full scale Hyperloop vehicle analysis and design begins

April, 2018

• rFlight Preliminary Design Report submitted to HeroX for GoFly Competition

May, 2018

• rLoop selected as one of 16 finalists in the Sandcastle Startups Challenge at the World Tokenomic Forum in Grand Cayman Island

June, 2018

• rLoop presents at Future of Transportation World Conference in Cologne, Germany

July, 2018

• rFlight Critical Design Review

• rLoop presents 5 technical presentations at the 1st HARP International Conference on Hyperloop Transportation and Related Technologies. Topics include:

• CFD Simulation of Multiple Pods in a Tube Using Automated Workflows
• Design of Permanent Magnet Braking System for a Hyperloop Vehicle
• Design of Permanent Magnet Passive Skis for levitation of a Hyperloop Vehicle
• Design of a LiPo based Battery System with Very High Discharge rPod: An Active Levitation Hyperloop Prototype Designed & Built by the Crowd

• Identify revenue streams for rLoop

Fall 2018

• rLoop featured in History Channel series Project Impossible