Thank you for filling out the rLoop onboarding form! You should have already received a unique reference ID and personal Ethereum subscription address via email. If you have not received this information, please email to verify.

The wallet address you received via email is unique to you and will be used to assess how many RLP tokens should be allocated to you after the ITO. Your personal discount table applies as below†. Note that we have added extra time onto the discount windows because it took slightly longer to generate and allocate unique wallet addresses than expected.


  • 20% token discounts for ETH received within 1 week of your wallet address being allocated.

  • 15% token discounts for ETH received during week 2 and 3 of your wallet address being allocated.

  • 10% token discounts for ETH received during week 4 of your wallet address being allocated.


Regardless of the amount of ETH you had indicated in the onboarding form, you may choose to send a different amount. You may also send further ETH at a later stage, although a different discount may apply. Note that sending ETH to this wallet address confirms your agreement of the terms and conditions which can be found on our website here.

You may search your personal subscription address in the search bar below to verify that the ETH address you are using was generated by us. The search will indicate either, “Yes, this address is in our system”, or, “No, this address is not in our system.”

Our system will confirm safe receipt of ETH sent by you within 24-48 hours of clearing, but if you would like confirmation you can email . Note that, by default, RLP tokens will be distributed to the Ethereum wallet you use to send ETH. We will confirm this with you before tokens are dispatched after the ITO in case you should want to change this.

If you have questions or concerns about the process, please email


† subject to terms and conditions

Whitelist ETH address check

Have you been given an ETH address to contribute to for the whitelist?

You can enter the address below to check if we validate it was from us: